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Sunfort English Language College courses are carefully designed to allow juniors to enjoy the experience of learning English. 

On the arrival of the students their level of English is assessed through a written test. This is used to ascertain the correct level of English tuition for instruction. Pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, topics and tasks are included in course content. 

Teachers are both enthusiastic and committed and are chosen for their qualifications and experience in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Class numbers do not exceed fifteen students per class. Students improve their ability to listen, read, write and speak the English language, through role plays, games, audio and video. 

Grammar and vocabulary form important components of our courses and we place a strong emphasis on spoken English and pronunciation. The combination of English classes in the morning and leisure activities in the afternoon ensure students are enlivened to learn English. 

A Certificate of Completion is presented to each student on their departure from Sunfort. 

Our General English course is an interactive programme designed to improve English language skills. A varied selection of teaching styles include role-playing, team work, and direct student teacher interaction.

Levels Of English Tuition

A. Elementary Course

This course is a foundation course in learning English that incorporates grammar, vocabulary, oral and written work. The course consists of up to 20 lessons totaling 15 hours of formal tuition per week.

B. Pre-Intermediate Course

This course builds on the individuals prior knowledge of basic English and aims to develop the language skills and vocabulary to effectively communicate in English. We especially focus on listening and conversational skills. The course consists of up to 20 lessons totalling 15 hours of formal tuition per week.

C. Intermediate Course

The Intermediate course provides the opportunity to further develop the language skills and enhance written and grammar work. The course consists of up to 20 lessons totalling 15 hours of formal tuition per week.

D. Advanced English Course

This course provides the opportunity to become more concise and proficient in the use of the English language. It also focuses on the specific requirements of the individual, e.g. Business English, and caters for all working environments. Each course is concluded with a student performance review and tips are provided for future learning. Up to 20 lessons of formal tuition per week are included, with additional classes on request.